I'm dedicating this to the ladies in our Lebanese (and Arab societies)
Don't get married if you're not ready yet.

Forget about your in-laws; your nosy and insensitive uncles and aunts, and your shaming neighbors

Don't get married if your heart hasn't healed from cheating, beating, or any mistreatment

Don't get married just because now you're in your 30s or 40s.

Don't get married if you're not ready to give your heart, self, soul, body, time, attention and your whole life to someone

Don't get married if you don't see your babies in his eyes

Don't get married if you haven't yet met the man that understands you, cares about you, respects you, loves you deeply and maturely, make you smile and adds to your happiness

Don't get married if you're not ready to raise your children the best you can and dedicate your life for them

Don't get married just because you're feeling lonely and weak because living your life with the wrong person or someone you don't love is even lonelier

Don't get married if you haven't finished your education or reached some of your important goals in life

You are complete being single.
You are perfect being single.

You're not a part. You're a whole.
A whole human being that's doesn't necessarily need a man to complete you.
Louai B: I agree with u but somehow there is a life faktum that needs to realize that nobody kan live alone when getting older Women are being more brave to take a step forward but not enough Waiting and standing at your thinking and principles is not the optional solution Life is compromizing no less no more i status quo Think about it Wish u and every woman a suitable and cool life
nader4you: wawoooo i like these words big words in fact
Nizar El Ghadban: finally someone thinks right
Never search for happiness in others,
This will make you feel alone,
But search for it in yourself
and you will feel happy even if you are left alone.
Shadso: absolutely trueeeeeee
SAMIR ALAMEH: i like to contact with you if you are interesting