My mistakes cost me the best... and I only wish I knew how to fix it. They weren't kidding when they said karma's gonna hit you like a sledgehammer. Only this wasn't a sledgehammer... it was a pin prick.. straight through my heart smh. Hold on to your loved ones, and if they truly mean anything to you, always remain truthful.
I'm back - not for long though! Thank you for everyone who wished me luck during my early graduation! I'll be posting lots!
Amira: @samerAK thank you hbb merci kteer!
Bahaa A.M: Many congratulations
Amira: @bibomjhd thank you hbb!!
Graduation soon - June 14th! Stay tuned for more pics! lol and wish me luck so I don't fall off the stage!!
ameer: congratulations wishes ... go ahead...good luck
Amira: @pantera thank you dear!
Amira: thank u so much!! @Andych92
You guys I'm graduating one year earlyyyyyy!! #happyyyy
Samer Ak: Mabrouk
Amira: Thank you dear!
Amira: @bniceromeo thank you so much dear!