I don't know why most guys have long beards ...
rosenkreuz: because everyone else has one, I'm not certain but am quite confident that if everyone were to clean shave; all would follow. I don't mind people who have any style, as I am an individualist and express myself in a unique way.
rosenkreuz: moral of the story:. I don't have a full Beard ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
faddod: Because They may enjoy women more when they love kiss and hhhh etc..
I'm just wondering why I don't see many people in the United States on here...
rosenkreuz: I don't wish to spam this comments section with two way chatter. I will send you a direct message. If this is okay with you, then respond =]
rosenkreuz: It's hot today in LA whew summer is here...
Oussama Mahmoud : hey suzana i am fro monterey
Samah Nasreddine: Omg how cute
rosenkreuz: aww what a cute puppy..
rosenkreuz: definitely my favorite one. It's an all encompassing photo with raw beauty.
Suzana: Thank you
rosenkreuz: your eyes smile a warm welcome.