I'm proud first that I'm Lebanese from mountain alchof ( drouze ) second a like our religion, traditions and our culture.
I'm happy that I found website for our religion that can connect us together or over the world , meet new people discuss with them and share with them I know many people they met their soul mate from this website thank you .
Sahar Jaber: Guys we should stick together as one strong religion. We are losing good men and women to another religion. However, lets give each other a chance. Girls be patient and try to built a house with your men.Always, man is looking for the outside not the inside. The first question: is she beautiful, thin, sexy. They don't ask about her eduction or if she Is going to be a good wife and a good mom. If you do agree or disagree with me . I would like to know your opinions.
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: Sahar Jaber has the right 100% because some of druze young people unfortunately they link and engage so also marry nondruze people, but They are( Mertaddeen )we should abandon. They became Love and sex as a lust like food they want eating each time they can do it