Forgive very long description but there’s reason, so sincerely hope & very much appreciate if you kindly read it all. Met someone on another Druze app I felt was special & something there between us eventually leading to nasib. Unfortunately, didn’t end well. Have nothing but good things to say about that family – good natured, kind, generous, hospitable, etc. 2 sides to every story & mine ended with quite bit of pain. So attempting to move on, even if means returning so soon. Judge if you want, but I usually look in mirror first. Now, if you’re looking for 1) perfection or 100%, then we already have nothing in common, as I’m not nor looking for; 2) meal-ticket/jinsiyi (citizenship), won’t find it here, so forgive Middle East may be tough sell, it's not to say completely ruled out; 3) “Prince Charming”/Sugar Daddy, automatically tells me you never had any problems taking advantage of your own dad, so have fun staying home then. If you contact me first & I don’t respond back, forgive but I have my reasons. One may be already talking with someone & don’t want to bite off more than can chew. Forgive, but not here to make friends or network, not here to play field or games nor be played, and not here to waste anyone’s time or mine. Respectfully, have idea of what I want & am looking for. I know wishful thinking, but would like to meet someone at most 32 years old, while some maturity needs to play big part. Like everyone, have my faults. What I will say though is honesty, openness, & respect are primary with me because that’s what I reciprocate if received. As I don’t like surprises down road, I don’t waste time putting everything on table ahead of time when time come. Don’t like pressuring, pushing, or rushing, nor do I like being. I’m someone who respects his mom & sister equally, and sincerely hope means something. Wana ma bshuf aw 2ash3an 7ali b7ali, bess bshuf w2ash3an 7ali b2imi. Wkermel 7eyk ana ba3rif 2albi, ru7i, nefsiti, w27tirami mne7 ma3 kl bkunu mna7 ma3i. Enchalla bkafi.

So, as I’m back again on other Druze app in hopes doesn’t become habitual, figure I’d give this place a-go. Much in same as I said on other app, I’m from Edmonton. Work in Film Industry. Best average looking guy out there! Have good, if not little warped, sense of humour. Don't think so? Go fork yourself then! Anyway, where was I? Wear glasses. Mostly open-minded, but have no problems speaking my mind. Friends would say respectful, good-natured, & bunch of other things some may or may not find cool. Ref's avail upon request. Tight w/ mom & sis! Personality trumps 3 M's - money, mansion, Mercedes. Like my Hennessy & JD tho! And is it too much to ask to have little respect and post proper profile photo of you if you don’t, please?