People please write at least a sentence in your bio that you come up with on your own. Fake pictures and no information or idea about your personalities are not things that encourage others to accept your requests or answer your messages. Its not enough to know youre Druze (duh) and that you live in UAE or Switzerland or wherever.
Zak Sabra: Sand between my toes over snow in my boots anyday.
Guys check this guy out. Hes a talented singer and he's Lebanese Druze. If you scroll through the page theres a link to vote for him.
i want to ask a question publicly to everyone on this site, whether they are my friends or not. can this be done?
Laura: @yamen i just mean ino people are trying hard to improve it, at the same time druze girls ma bi 7ebbo ykouno 3ala shi jsut like tinder, because 3enna mawdou3 "sem3a"w medre shu. A fb like site is easier to convince people with. @hisham yes i agree this will help increase the number of users
YAMEN: guys m not crying to chat or finding a date.... m just pointing at some points that was better in the old website @hisham man m so relaxed, ya3tik alf afe bro m not saying ma binesib l jdeed bas m pointing on what's missing. @laura I don't find any reputation issues for Druze girls to communicate were in 2017 who thinks like that! Plus there is privacy if they don't want to be open... Khalas Ana sakatit coz m bthissoune mnarfaz w mhtad yalla have a great weekend.
Laura: What if i select public instead of friends or private?
Amazing update. I'm still in shock cant wait to see all the new features
Hisham Zeineddine: Dears thanks for your concerns, i like to hear more feedbacks , i am doing an efort to add all features needed and more. And for the history i also tried to move everything from the old website database to this new one what we transferred are profiles + profile pictures + friends list but messages and chats are not moved to the new one we are working on it. Thanks to of being part of df community
YAMEN: @hisham zeineddine, it would be good to get back all the old features and add a messenger and I believe if you're still on the same server all the data can be claimed "msgs, photos etc.." ya3tikon l afe.
Hisham Zeineddine: hi @YamenZetony here we have messenger data already claimed and we are working on the rest thank you