I'm proud first that I'm Lebanese from mountain alchof ( drouze ) second a like our religion, traditions and our culture.
I'm happy that I found website for our religion that can connect us together or over the world , meet new people discuss with them and share with them I know many people they met their soul mate from this website thank you .
People please write at least a sentence in your bio that you come up with on your own. Fake pictures and no information or idea about your personalities are not things that encourage others to accept your requests or answer your messages. Its not enough to know youre Druze (duh) and that you live in UAE or Switzerland or wherever.
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
"Robert Frost"
faddod: I'm not succeed in life,,you hisham are lucky and cleverman !!
Hisham Zeineddine: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
Do you want "who viewed your profile" page?
I don't care
Evana: Yes
Yasmin: Yes.
Abdallah E: Yes
faddod: let hisham change this page back as it was in the First... Convince him,, women can do effecting on man because their charming and passion,,etc
faddod: Hi Hisham, why u don't accept our suggestion & get thisn page back as it was in the beginning of issuing this site????
lebanese101: With all the respect @faddod but instead we complain why don't we help him get this site better I mean he's trying hard to accept all members ideas, step by step he's getting there so plz be patient as this site not easy to maintain. ✌️
rabihhamed: allah yerhamo w ysaber ahlo
iman_as: Allah yer7amo
السهر جميل حين تختاره، لكنه مؤلم حين يختارك
'جبران خليل جبران'
faddod: Frankly tell me hisham how to know and chat with people who I select and how can I delet who I don't like and stop who make annoying? get the page back by ur god and angel ,,by ur dad's name and mom's
faddod: Mr Hisham isn't in Lebanon ,,may he traveled to al Sham..
faddod: mr Hisham ,, who's rana malaeb? is the girl who been deceived by imposter guy or other?
nice druze faces updated profile great
ameer: There is no place for liers here
ameer: @Hisham Zeineddine what about the app it doesnt work there is no connection between the app to the server
Hisham Zeineddine: @pantera app is not working now sorry