This site was built to bring the Druze community together. Older generations to reconnect and for the new to meet. So to all the people that have fake name and no pictures or fake pictures change that. Hisham Zeineddine can even help you get verified
Abdallah E: My regards how can l be a verified member
I'm proud first that I'm Lebanese from mountain alchof ( drouze ) second a like our religion, traditions and our culture.
I'm happy that I found website for our religion that can connect us together or over the world , meet new people discuss with them and share with them I know many people they met their soul mate from this website thank you .
Sahar Jaber: Guys we should stick together as one strong religion. We are losing good men and women to another religion. However, lets give each other a chance. Girls be patient and try to built a house with your men.Always, man is looking for the outside not the inside. The first question: is she beautiful, thin, sexy. They don't ask about her eduction or if she Is going to be a good wife and a good mom. If you do agree or disagree with me . I would like to know your opinions.
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: Sahar Jaber has the right 100% because some of druze young people unfortunately they link and engage so also marry nondruze people, but They are( Mertaddeen )we should abandon. They became Love and sex as a lust like food they want eating each time they can do it
People please write at least a sentence in your bio that you come up with on your own. Fake pictures and no information or idea about your personalities are not things that encourage others to accept your requests or answer your messages. Its not enough to know youre Druze (duh) and that you live in UAE or Switzerland or wherever.
Oil9911: very good job on the re vamp my friend
nice druze faces updated profile great
ameer: There is no place for liers here
ameer: @Hisham Zeineddine what about the app it doesnt work there is no connection between the app to the server
Hisham Zeineddine: @pantera app is not working now sorry
Amazing update. I'm still in shock cant wait to see all the new features