I think for this site it’s important for everyone to be transparent and put a picture of themselves as well as have a completed About section.
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: Hi Neddo !! how r u ? is everything ok with u ? I missed ur messages ...fofo now is in sawfer Lebanon lives alone !! means me ,I engaged to a druze divorced Syrian lady but she isn't true she likes collecting money and golds and seems to be sincere and lovable lady but she cheated and deceived me ,, took everything without getting her with a nip for at least 15 minutes !! I became hopelessness and pessimistic but open my God 's face who will take my rights sooner or later ! I serach for a good druze lady to continue my empty days with her .. please can you help me ??!! thanks honey
... ...: Get a life.
zeehilal: Wow you look like a celebrity! Good pic. You look like a celebrity or royalty
New here! Looking forward to meeting everyone
Fadiabouassi: looking forward to meeting you as well
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: So as others I like meeting u , nada but how and where?
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: looking to travel for getting your interesting caring and love Neddoo !!