HELLO!!! Any one from Australia out there??
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: Hi I have relatives lives in Australia but I was living in usa and have its passport.. Can u accept me if I 'd travel there ???Australia?
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: I have married to fofo jafaar but we wish traveling if there some good friends would accept us as guests or darling friends>>> if u search for a husband I have a brother searches for his female ..He lives in USA and have one child his age is 17 ...the son would his dad be married haha
rwida13: Your kidding right!!! What makes you think all girls on this website are desperate and wanting to through themselves at any Druze man!!! Seriously if you do not speak English well and your google translator has not worked in your favour, then I will forgive you. If your comment was intentional, please do not talk to me again. Thank you from Australia