To all the men out there: what do you really go for in a woman, be honest and how would it make you feel?
To all the women, same goes for you: what do you look for in a man and will it make you happy to be with them for a long time?
MIKEonBIKE: who are u miss ?
Be happy in whatever is thrown at you, there is always a reason why you're put in this position. Forgive those you may carry the grudge, laugh more and enjoy what you day you will look back and regret the things you have done.
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: yes < hahah but did u meet black guys there and be pleased by them?
Fofo Ahmadiyeh: Hi Twix < I]d know who you are exactly . What is your real name and Family , What you are doing now in life? Have you an Idea who am I? where I worked before and who am I know? Canada I like and wish going it for finding a job there . I hold US passport but I need some one adopts me at least lodging or find a good settlement then searching for getting a job < Here in Lebanon there are no chance to me to find a real and good job< If u are true a real friend and wish to help me , PLease , let me know ur domain or u can call me to Lebanon on my home phone number : 05 291 240 , let's talk and agree for doing some things as common interest for us by cooperating with each other, I respect your specials and personal things but u can share me our looking forward to adjust our future 's income.... Thank you Twix, I wait your Reply soon