All around the world the same shit different day
Remember a snake is a snake even if it sheds it skin. Love yall!
Chic fil a protesting the unethical treatment of cows by advocating chicken sandwiches instead
zeehilal: I look too skinny. I got the photos because I thought the damn thing had free sandwich coupons.. I'm usually so super busy and who has time to eat these days?!?! Looking at this this picture makes me notice!
Link below for my music videos! I'm a rap artist musician!
Does anyone else on here really enjoy philosophy and reading all the worlds religious books for personal growth? I love reading, but all I ever do it is online these days.
This is an awesome site! Our own social network! Amazing!
zeehilal: I've got to get my sister on here now.
zeehilal: I cut the hair today finally. I'm trying to look professional again
I think this website is an awesome idea to keep us all connected since we are now on every continent.
Now that the temp has cooled down I can finally put on a shirt!