Countries such as Canada, which have a cold climate have long used fireplaces as a source of comfort. However, many are fed up with the hassles of building, installing and starting a fireplace. If you are near the Peterborough area, you’re in luck – you can easily replace the old fireplace with a propane fireplace insert. However, selecting the right propane fireplace insert near Peterborough is easy if you consider the following factors.

Aesthetically pleasing: There is something about the wood flames produced by traditional fireplaces that attracts people. However, we all know that fireplaces that burn wood can produce a lot of smoke. Luckily modern propane fireplace inserts can also mimic the visuals of burning wood. This lets users enjoy the warmth while still enjoying the benefits of environmental friendliness.

Direct vents: Gas fireplaces which have direct vents draw the air they use from outside for combustion. This not only saves a lot of money but improves indoor air quality. They also help in keeping the room warmer than traditional models, as they prevent warm air from escaping. This is why they are more economical and safer compared to traditional or electric fireplaces.

Technological features: With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to turn it on and off, similar to a television set. With smart features, modern propane fireplace inserts found in Peterborough can be remote-controlled, giving you a lot of control. They can also be programmed to maintain specific temperatures according to the user’s preferences.

High-efficiency heating: When choosing a propane fireplace insert, you need to choose a model that is fuel-efficient. Choosing the right model will lower monthly bills by producing high-efficiency heating.  Modern inserts can also include features such as ceramic radiant heating technology, multi-speed blowers, programmable heat controls and multi-room heat distribution kits.

Degree of customization:  Thanks to innovative manufacturers offering customization options, it is now possible to create a gas fireplace insert according to client preferences. Apart from visual customizations, fireplace manufacturers can also offer heat distribution kits, propane gas fireplace insert conversions and other accessories.

Variable speed blowers: Propane gas fireplace inserts use blowers to push heat to faraway places in the house. You should always choose one with variable speed blowers that can easily be controlled. The blower should not produce noise when in operation.

Fire-viewing windows: Propane fireplace inserts come with a fire-viewing window, which can let everyone enjoy the splendour and elegance of artificial fires. No matter what the size of the propane fireplace insert, modern technology has made it possible to maximize the fire viewing experience.


Fireplace inserts are an upgrade over traditional fireplaces for the reasons stated above. When searching for propane fireplace inserts near Peterborough, it's always important to choose a reputed and experienced manufacturer. It will ensure that you receive propane gas inserts which are durable, have stronger hinges, and come with ceramic burners that last longer.