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“How can we can bring more Druze people to the high-tech industry? It’s all about awareness.”

Not every engineer or coder has been on that technology path their entire life, as Suzan Zaher Kamal demonstrates. She grew up with very little exposure to code, software, or computer science as a member of the Druze community, but she is now a software developer and team lead at CodeValue. Kamal shares that bringing […]

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Essential Readings in Druze History (by Graham Auman Pitts)

[The Essential Readings series is curated by the Middle East Studies Pedagogy Initiative (MESPI) team at the Arab Studies Institute. MESPI invites scholars to contribute to our Essential Readings modules by submitting an “Essential Readings” list on a topic/theme pertinent to their research/specialization in Middle East studies. Authors are asked to keep the selection relatively […]

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The Druze: The Middle East’s most persecuted people?

The Druze are one of the largest minority groups in the Middle East. Spread across several countries, they now find their very existence under threat from war in Syria and what they see as discrimination in Israel. It is a that video depicts violent cruelty filmed somewhere in southern Syria. “My fate is the result […]

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